Allergy diagnosis

Helps diagnose and find the cause of animals, pets allergy, as well as effective treatment.
1,500,000 đ
Help to find the root cause your everyday food allergy to take the precautions or treatment in time.
2,600,000 đ
Help to see how much our body reacting to fruits and vegetables right now so that can have a balance their diet properly.
1,300,000 đ
Help to quantitatively test the concentration of common allergens from eggs, beef, chicken and pork.
800,000 đ
Help to diagnose the react nuts and grains such as rice, sesame seeds, soybeans, peanuts to protect your health.
1,300,000 đ
Help to find the cause of seafood allergies and measure the current allergy level for appropriate protection and prevention measures.
950,000 đ